About Gabriola Soccer

Who runs Gabriola Soccer Association (GSA)?

Since 1997 the GSA is run by parent volunteers. Thousands of children have passed through the GSA, along with many of their parents or others from the community who have an interest in soccer. Along with an executive consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, other roles in the club are registrar, referee coordinator, equipment manager, communications/website coordinator and of course coaches for each team.

Do my children need to be in the Gabriola School to be able to participate in soccer?

Gabriola Elementary School has their own soccer program that they run as part of their curriculum. GSA is a separate entity and is open to any children wishing to play soccer that are able to attend practices on Gabriola.

What if I cant afford to have my child play soccer?

We have had families/participants successfully apply for funding through Canadian Tires Jumpstart program, and Kid Sport Canada programs. Read more at their websites:  www.jumpstart.canadiantire.ca or www.kidsportcanada.ca. If those attempts are unsuccessful please contact someone at GSA for help. We do not want to turn away any child wishing to play.

About Gabriola Soccer

President – registrar@gabriolasoccer.ca

Vice President - Adrian Moore

Treasurer – Amanda Fleming

Registrar – Patricia Leather, registrar@gabriolasoccer.ca

Secretary – Rebecca Rozander

Equipment Manager – Alan McDowell

Technical Director – Glen Murphy, glenanthonymurphy@gmail.com

Referee Coordinator – Vargha Webb

Members at large – Tony Vickers, Stacey Alexander

Gabriola Soccer Association Constitution

Gabriola Soccer Association Bylaws

Volunteer with Gabriola Soccer Association

If you think you’d like to help us out, please send us a message.

PAYING FOR FEES:  Please note that the Gabriola Soccer Association will never turn away a child who wishes to play, due to inability to afford the fees. Programs such as Jumpstart and Kidsport have helped Gabriola families in the past with affording registration fees. Please talk to us or you can contact both programs here at jumpstart.canadiantire.ca or www.kidsportcanada.ca. If you’re looking for the KidSport Grant Application Guidelines and Application Form, click here.