Printable Forms

If your child will be participating in Gabriola Soccer, please print and fill out  the Player Code of Conduct,  the Parent Code of Conduct and the Emergency Information forms, and bring them when you come to the first event.

Health and Safety

Be sure to check out our player health and safety page under the About section of our website. There you will find information regarding:

Child Abuse Reporting Policy (Child/Parent)

Player Safety

Inappropriate Conduct Policy

Rule of Two Policy

Criminal Record Check Policy

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Guidelines for Appropriate/ Inappropriate Conduct between Adolescents and Children

PAYING FOR FEES:  Please note that the Gabriola Soccer Association will never turn away a child who wishes to play, due to inability to afford the fees. Programs such as Jumpstart and Kidsport have helped Gabriola families in the past with affording registration fees. Please talk to us or you can contact both programs here at or If you’re looking for the KidSport Grant Application Guidelines and Application Form, click here.